SAI is a small business located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, working for over 15 years as a trusted partner supporting client needs in the government and private sector.


SAI’s approach to management and business combines deep domain expertise with strong capabilities. By leveraging both, SAI anticipates, identifies, and addresses our clients’ specific needs.

SAI’s history of identifying and retaining highly specialized talent for our clients is rooted in SAI’s corporate culture.  Because our leadership seeks aptitude and potential in its prospective employees, many of our staff members have non-traditional backgrounds which enable them to bring fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box solutions. Our ability to retain a stable workforce translates into mission continuity and stability for our clientele. 

SAI believes that diversity brings strength to our organization, and we look for individuals with a variety of experiences and backgrounds as we build teams to meet our client’s objectives.  Our commitment to diversity is evidenced by the broad range of talents and backgrounds in our workforce.

SAI Partnerships