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What We Offer

Customer Focused, Value Driven Professional Services

We’re a leading provider of Project Management, Full Life-Cycle Human Resources Support, Talent Acquisition, Executive Administrative Support, Data Analysis, Process Improvement, and Records Management.

Project Management

  • Supervise and ensure deliverables within budget and on-time.

  • Maintain acceptable quality levels (AQL).

  • Manage contract transition to be fully staffed on day one of the new contract period.

Full Life-Cycle Human Resource Support

  • Onboarding.

  • Employee engagement (Morale, Retention).

  • Diversity and Equity Engagement

  • Succession and Career Growth Planning

  • Personnel Actions Requests (PAR) processing

  • Maintaining Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) 

  • Coordinate Benefits Open enrollment

  • Benefits Plan Maintenance

  • Retirement and Transfers Processing

Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Forecasting & Budgeting.

  • Recruiting, Job posting, and Career fairs.

  • New-Hire Capture

Applicants in the waiting room

Administrative & Executive Support

  • Senior Level Support

  • Travel Coordination (including OCONUS)

  • Multi-Calender Management

  • Office Administration

  • Office Logistics

Business Conference

Data Analysis

  • Data Surveys

  • Presentations

  • Visualizations

Financial Data
Writing on yellow post-it notes

Process Improvement

  • Lean Six-Sigma

  • Theory of Constraints

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Kotter’s Change Leadership Model

Records Management

  • Digitization

  • Filing & Logging inventory of physical and digital copies

  • Auditing & Quality Control

Organized Files
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