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SAI has experience in a wide range of agencies providing varied support. 

Highlights of SAI services and presence.


SAI provided a variety of services, ranging from Recruitment, Benefits and Retirement to Process Improvement to Data Analytics and Human Development.  SAI managed the internal/external recruitment process; processed and maintained Official Personnel Folders; prepared retirement estimates; managed Workers Compensation claims; and developed customized classroom, Web based Training and e-HOW videos.


SAI also provided workforce and Office of Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity studies, data analysis and reports.  SAI also focused on process improvement, compensation studies and analysis, and documentation.  By utilizing a cross-training paradigm, SAI was able to handle surge activities and transactions by reallocating resources, without any decrease in performance.


SAI provided world-wide teams of network engineers, analysts, and technicians for the FBI at more than 700 sites around the globe.   The SAI team helped reduce the time, risk, and cost of ramping-up and deploying networking teams nationwide for the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation desktop and network modernization efforts by recruiting, qualifying, validating, hiring, and deploying engineering and technical talent that fit the contracted positions, security requirements, and labor rates.


SAI also assembled a team of Test Engineers to perform local and network-wide testing of the new systems and network configuration for the entire solution and to ensure performance standards are met to carry mission-specific classified network traffic.

US Army

SAI provided Contingency Contracting Plans and Operations Specialists working matters related to the collection, collation and management of readiness data related to contingency contracting personnel throughout the Army.  SAI established an Army standard web based readiness reporting format and process, allowing the Army Contracting Agency to conduct a MACOM analysis and determine the proper MACOM to advise the Army Operations Center.  


SAI also developed plans, policies, and techniques for the conduct of studies requiring research, analyses, and valuation.   SAI also maintained awareness of the state-of-the-art in Army doctrine, policies, and principles by keeping abreast of current and emerging doctrine policies and principles for potential impact upon the Worldwide Individual Augmentation Process.


SAI's services expand through out the nation. 

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